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For DIY VR Production we offer QiiQ-VR with which the user can create VR projects based on 360 images or videos. You can link 360 images and videos together to create a 360 scene in which the user/viewer can look around or into which they can "tour".
QiiQ-VR offers many other useful features such as allowing the user to post 360VR Projects for sharing with friends worldwide and to have them "like" the 360VR Projects and to leave comments about them.
QiiQ-VR provide storage facility for your 360 images or videos and the 360VR projects.
With the all in one 360 VR QiiQ-VR, you can create and view 360 VR tours right on your smartphone!
Using the 360 images stored on your phone and the QiiQ-VR Editor functionality, virtual tours of anywhere from a single room of a house to a shopping centre can be created and published and viewed in minutes, without ever leaving the app!

Do It Yourself!