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For DIY AR Production we offer VIVE-AR which consists of 2 parts, namely (1) a Web Editor and (2) a Mobile App.
VIVE-AR Web Editor is a web tool which allows users without programming experience to create AR production. It is simple and easy to use and IT IS FREE.
The user is asked to select or upload an image as AR 'Marker' to create a project; afterwards they can add AR 'Content' such as Text, Image, Audio, Video and 3D geometric Box.
As VIVE-AR Web Editor provides a 3D space to display the 'Marker' and 'Content', it is very convenient and intuitive for the user to manipulate these objects. The user can share projects with others through email.
To view an AR project, one would need to use the VIVE-AR Mobile App in following 3 simple steps: (i) First, download and open the app (ii) Second, scan project QR code and (iii) Third, point the camera on the 'Marker' image to view AR production.
VIVE-AR provides storage facility for the 'Marker', 'Content' and AR Projects.

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